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Tattoo Info & FAQ

What not to do before your appointment

-Don’t arrive intoxicated

-For the safety of your children we ask that you kindly to not bring your children into the studio for tattoo appointments or consultation. If you are quickly dropping off a deposit we will allow your child to be with you for that short amount of time When it is time for your tattoo we request no additional guests or children.

-Don’t try to schedule if you’re under the legal age of 18. Parental consent for tattoos is not allowed per WA regulations.

-Don’t get sunburned prior to your tattoo. It is imperative that your skin is not damaged prior to your session.

-Don’t come in fasted. Please hydrate well and eat before your session. Also don’t come in hungover for the sake of your comfort.

-Don’t come in inappropriately dressed. Consider the placement of your tattoo. For example: If you’re coming in for a shoulder piece please wear a tank top not a long sleeve shirt. If a thigh tattoo, please wear shorts or a dress not skinny jeans. If getting a chest or sternum tattoo button ups tend to work great. BE COMFORTABLE! Clean sweats, tanks, etc are welcomed and consider some ink may get on them, so nothing too nice. No bare feet in shop! Ankle socks are great for during your session if needed.

-Don’t stiff your artist! If you can’t make your appointment, call, text or message them. Don’t no-show, don’t come in if you didn’t properly budget for your session then drop the ball AFTER your tattoo.

-If you’re sick your immune system isn't at 100%, therefore it can affect healing times putting your system in “overdrive” and also risk getting your artist sick isn't a good idea.

Can my parent sign for me to get a tattoo?

No. In Washington state you legally have to be 18 years of age to get a tattoo. Even if you have parental approval.

HAVING realistic expectations

Asking your artist over and over if the tattoo will get finished that day will get you nowhere and create unnecessary stress for your artist. We aim to please but within realistic parameters. Patience is a virtue when completing your custom piece and may take longer than anticipated but the end result will be worth the wait. It’s better to have a quality piece of artwork that requires 2-3 sessions (or more) than a lackluster tattoo rushed to finish so you could show it off.

what is the best time of year to get tattooed?

We recommend getting your tattoo in the fall or winter, since summer is harsh for healing (without proper precautions) fresh tattoos. Not only can sun affect healing, but it can prohibit you from tanning, swimming, hot tubs etc…You are always welcome to take extra precautions if you prefer summer time for getting your tattoo. We are more than happy to provide any help and advice to ensure your tattoo has the best outcome.

Friends… to bring or not?

Due to Covid-19, no additional guests will be allowed at this time.

Should I tip my artist?

Tipping isn’t required but greatly appreciated especially since your artist only takes home a percentage of the cost. The percentage varies artist to artist and shop to shop. Some artists may pay up to 50% of each session to the shop. So if you’re happy with your piece, tip well!

How much is it going to cost?

Quality is key and you get what you pay for. Our shop prides our-self on quality and we don’t shortcut anything, even in regards to our setup. We see a lot of tattoos and do cover-ups which in the end costs the client double. We have no reservations about working within your budget to accommodate your sessions. Talk to your artist about what you can afford and we can segment the sessions to meet your financial needs.

Our Shop does have a 1 hour ($150) minimum, so if you want a fairly small tattoo, possibly consider a few more that could be done to maximize your hour of tattoo time.

Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. It may vary from slightly uncomfortable to feeling like a sunburn. It does hurt, just not that much. Also placement plays a large role as well. Some areas are more sensitive than others. So be sure to talk to your artist about that if you are typically sensitive.  To be frank…people would not be returning again and again covered in tattoos if it hurt that bad. Most people don’t like being uncomfortable or in pain, but the end result far supersedes the short discomfort. There is also a certain pride that comes with earning your stripes so to speak with tattoos.

We also offer numbing gel upon request. It requires showing up 1 hour prior to your appointment with advance notice and is an additional cost.

When will I see my drawing?

You can expect to see your drawing at your first scheduled tattoo appointment. Our artists typically work on the physical artwork the week prior to your tattoo session. This does not include all of our research time. We ask that you be courteous and understand that we accommodate many clients and do our preliminary work on a weekly rotation. If you are not absolutely in love with your art work when you see it your first session we will either reschedule the tattoo or use your second scheduled appointment as your first. If it only requires minor tweaks we can still proceed with the tattoo that day. If the drawing needs extensive additional work it may be subject to an additional draw fee. Please see draw fee description in pricing and services.

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